Who We Are

Expertisor Academy from being in the engineering, CAD, GIS, IT Security, Medical Technician and software development market for about 15 years, We get a hum from the humane sense of genuinely helping people, of releasing potential and helping individuals, teams and organisations to be the excellent that they can be!

We have a wealth of experience achieved from our extensive work. We will work closely with you to identify the successes, strengths, best practices and gaps that are bringing out current results before setting together a programme to address area’s where improvement in skills, behaviours and knowledge can be improved. Our approach to training and development is to create a difference. We build programmes that encourage people to think differently, perform differently and continue to make a difference when they go back to the workplace.

The directors of Expertisor Academy know how significant it is to achieve the highest Return possible through the investment businesses build in training and development. As such, we have decided on a business model which keeps our overheads as low as possible, such that we can give the same or better training and development at a much more competitive rate.